• DESCRIPTION: Soycon-S, Soycon-SM and Soycon-SF are functional Soya protein concentrates .They are widely used for canned meat, cooked sausages, patties, and other Non-meat vegetarian analogs.They give meat processors a superbly stable and economical system for binding meat, fat and water in a variety of bowl cut...
  • DESCRIPTION: Soycon-F is Non-functional Soya protein concentrates.It is made from high quality dehulled Non-GMO soybeans planted in China.This product has high protein content and excellent protein digestibility.It is specially designed for protein enrichment for foodstuffs.Soycn-F is rich in protein and dietary...
  • DESCRIPTION: Soycon-FA is traditional Soya protein concentrates, it is specially designed for protein enrichment for fodders, like animal feed, fish feed, livestock feed, etc. Soycon-FA is manufactured from the high qualify Non-GMO soybeans by means of a special manufacturing process, this product has a high pro...
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