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Fiberpro700 & Fiberpro750

Fiberpro700 & Fiberpro750

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Product introduction

Dietary Soya Fibre is made from 100% natural soybeans and has about 22% functional protein content.
Dietary Soya Fibre boasts a high water absorption capacity of 8-10 times, and is therefore suitable for use in the
processed and reformed meat industry. It lends desirable properties such as moisture retention and cooking lossreduction to all meat product formulations.
Dietary Soya Fibre is a good emulsifier and thickener.It is widely used for making sausages, burgers, bakery products,nutrition food, health food, canned tuna, tomato paste etc.


Protein 22%Max.
PH 7±0.5
Fat 0.5%Max.
Colour light cream
Flavour neutral
Particles size 60-80 & 80-100mesh
Moisture 8% Max.
Packing 25kg/bag

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