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Product introduction

Soycon-FA is traditional Soya protein concentrates, it is specially designed for protein enrichment for fodders, like animal feed, fish feed, livestock feed, etc. Soycon-FA is manufactured from the high qualify Non-GMO soybeans by means of a special manufacturing process, this product has a high protein content and an excellent protein digestibility,
Soycon-FA is a good material as an excellent supplement for all protein enrichments of foodstuffs.


Protein(on dry basis) min 65%
Moisture max  8%
Crude Fibre  max 4%
Fat max 1%
Ash max 6.5%
E.Coli negative/1 g
Yeast & moulds 100/g max
Salmonella  negative/25g
Total plate count 30000/kg max
Tripsine Inhibitor Activity  3mg/g max
Packing 25kg/bag

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