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Soypro950F Soypro950IJ,Soypro950M
Soypro950F Soypro950IJ,Soypro950M

Soypro950F Soypro950IJ,Soypro950M

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Product introduction

SOYPRO950F, SOYPRO950IJ, SOYPRO950M are isolated Soya Protein with 90% protein content that are specially designed for dairy and nutrition food.These products have the following benefits:
1.clean flavour, good mouthfeel
2.easily dispersible and soluble sediment in solution
4.excellent flow characteristics
5.low dusty properties
6.good dispersion in liquid applications
7.dry blends easily with sweeteners, stabilizer and flavouring ingredients

Soypro950F. Soypro950IJ, Soypro950M are suitable for the following applications:
1.Sports nutrition liquid beverages
2.Non-dairy milk alternative beverages
3.Liquid meal replacer beverages
4.Soy milk beverages ( dry blend mixes)
5.Dairy milk beverages (dry& liquid) 

6.Power bars, energy bars etc.

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