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Product introduction

Crown-Soypro series are Soya Protein isolates which are derived from the finest non-GMO raw materials. They are specially designed for use within the meat, poultry, fish processing, health & nutrition food industry.
Soypro900, Soypro900E, Soypro900EX give meat processors strong binding power for meat, fat and water in bowl cutting technologies. They are used for emulsion meat products, like steamed and cooked sausages, frankfurters, sandwiches, poultry, patties, canned meat etc.
Soypro950IJ is widely used for meat injection tumbling brines.This product is non-foaming, non-dusty.It dissolves in water very quickly, Soypro950IJ has very good solubility and dispersion properties in ham, poultry and roast beef etc. This product can be used tor nutrition food, health food, soy beverages etc.


Protein  90%Min
NSI  88%Min
PH 7±0.5
Moisture 7.0%Max
Ash 6.0%Max
Fat 0.5%Max
E-coli Negative
Salmonella Nil
Plate count 20000/G Max
Packing 20kg/bag

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