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Soycon-F is Non-functional Soya protein concentrates.It is made from high quality dehulled Non-GMO soybeans planted in China.This product has high protein content and excellent protein digestibility. It is specially designed for protein enrichment for foodstuffs. Soycn-F is rich in protein and dietary Soya fibre.It is cholesterol free, low sodium.This product is widely used for nutrition food, extruded product, power bars, energy bars, bakeries, like bread, biscuit, cookies etc.


Soycon-FA is traditional Soya protein concentrates, it is specially designed for protein enrichment for fodders, like animal feed, fish feed, livestock feed, etc. Soycon-FA is manufactured from the high qualify Non-GMO soybeans by means of a special manufacturing process, this product has a high protein content and an excellent protein digestibility,Soycon-FA is a good material as an excellent supplement for all protein enrichments of foodstuffs.

Textured Soy Protein For Non-meat Products

Textured Soy Protein For Non-meat Products is textured Soya protein with protein content of 52% Min. They are excellent materials for meat and non-meat vegetarian products, Soytex are used for minced meat fillings, burgers, meatballs,patties, sausages and fish products, etc.

Fiberpro700 & Fiberpro750

Dietary Soya Fibre is made from 100% natural soybeans and has about 22% functional protein content. Dietary Soya Fibre boasts a high water absorption capacity of 8-10 times, and is therefore suitable for use in the processed and reformed meat industry. It lends desirable properties such as moisture retention and cooking lossreduction to all meat product formulations.


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